Saturday, September 8, 2012

News: XBMC on Android, upcoming!

XBMC on Android has finally arrived, not yet fully mature but still it is here !

If you already know XBMC Media Center (and for sure you love it ^^) you also already know that information (if you don't know XBMC yet, no problem you'll be lucky to discover it!)

But the Android apk is not yet official, and so it's not yet available trough Google play.

My recommendation! Go to:

Download last apk night build and install, please note a few things:

- XBMC for Android is really young and not yet fully functional

- As far as i know Hardware acceleration is for now only available on XIOS DS (which is the hardware XBMC developers used for XBMC Android, only available in the US and seems to be really hard to find)

So, for any other hardware, Playback will be done using CPU and software, playing HD videos may not possible if your CPU can't do it...

- Sound level has to be set before your launch XBMC, sound level is different between Android and XBMC

The only Android device i have right now is a XOOM 3g (first generation) and XBMC runs with more or less success...

But this is very promising and a real great job, i'm pretty sure there won't be too much time to wait before getting greats Android devices (like MK802 and others) and XBMC solutions :-)

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